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LiftGator Product Description

  • Portable Quick Attach Liftgate System
  • Installs on a truck in less than 3 minutes
  • No Modification to the truck necessary
  • Lift 1200lbs on a 48” Aluminum Platform
  • Fits Pick-up, Utility Body, and Flatbed trucks

LiftGator XTR Specs

  • Lift Capacity: 1200lbs
  • Platform Size: 48” x 48”
  • Hitch: 2” or 2½” (with adaptor)

  • Frame Rails: 10ga Steel
  • Frame Crossmember: 3/16” Steel
  • Platform Frame: 1/8”6000 series Aluminum
  • Platform Deck: 1/8”3000 series Aluminum

  • Drive Motor: 4.1 hp v drive motor
  • Power Source: (2) 12v 18 A-hr Batteries
  • Recharge: 7-pin connector (12v) or 120v integrated charger

  • Assembled Weight: 390lbs
  • Assembled Dims: 72” x 30” x 72”

Removable Lift Gate

The LiftGator XTR is a portable liftgate system that can be attached to most pickup, flatbed, utility or service trucks equipped with 2-inch or 2 ½-inch hitch receivers. Installation takes less than three minutes. LiftGator XTR gives truck owners the flexibility to install and use a 1,200-pound-capacity liftgate when necessary, and to remove and store it when not needed. No truck modifications are required, and the vehicle can be driven with the liftgate attached.

The LiftGator XTR system has a 48” x 48” platform operated with a simple button. More than 20 lifts can be completed on a single charge, and the self-contained battery system can be recharged using a truck’s seven-pin trailer connector or the built in 110-volt trickle charge. When installed, LiftGator functions like any other liftgate on the market. When not attached, its three-section foldable platform gives the unit a small footprint that takes up little storage space. This gives the truck owner a liftgate when they need it, and their truck back when they don’t.

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